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Industrial Visit To Cleanroom Program

7 February 2017, 12:00 am Written by 
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Date: 24 January 2017

Venue: Pusat Latihan Teknologi Tinggi (ADTEC) Taiping, Perak.

A study tour have been held with the cooperation of Centre of Diploma Studies (CDS) UniMAP with ADTEC Taiping to visit their well-equipped cleanroom lab. This study tour was held on 25 January 2017. All Diploma Microelectronic second year students and 3 lectures from CDSwere involved in this tour.


The objective of this programme is to expose to student about the real situation in cleanroom that has complete equipments and machines. Besides that, students also learnt more about the machines that are used for the processes that involved in their syllabus. The students also had more understanding on the process steps by using machines when they see by themselves. Besides theory, practical process also helped the students to understand more on the syllabus such as how machine and chemical handling procedures.

At 7am, students were heading to ADTEC with two buses from Kampus UniCity Alam, Sg Chuchuh and arrived at ADTEC around 11am. Our delegation was welcomed by ADTEC’s staff. Then, the students were divided into two groups. At first, we were briefed about the history of establishment of cleanroom. We were also briefed about every section that we will visit. Our first destination was Packaging Lab. In this lab, we were showed the machines that used for packaging process. Next destination is the Wafer Fabrication Lab. In this lab, we were shown by senior students on how to fabricate a wafer step by step.

After the visit, we took a lunch break and prayers. Then, we had a friendly football and volleyball match with ADTEC’s students. The aim of this activity is to get know each other and can exchange knowledge between UniMAP’s and ADTEC’s students. We head back to Kampus UniCity Alam, Sg Chuchuh around 9pm.

In a nutshell, this programme was really effective for our students to explore more knowledge and experience about cleanroom and the processes that were involved. We hope that similar programme can be organized again in future.


Prepared by:

Nur Ain Nabila Binti Kamsi, 26 January 2017, 10pm



At 11.00am, the student had arrived at Advanced Technology Training Centre (ADTEC).


Having a short briefing from Adtec’s lectures and the chief of Microelectronics Department.


Having a short briefing from Adtec’s lectures and the chief of Microelectronics Department.


Briefing from Encik Sarudin.


Short briefing  about packaging by Encik Omar.


Adtec’s student explained about the steps of backgrinding process.

Encik Omar explaining on how does a die being cut


Encik Omar showed the wafer that had sealing by blue wafer tape.

The first group that entered the packaging lab.


The students paying their attention on backgrinding  demostration.


The second group that entered the cleanroom with Mr. Rosydi.


Friendly football match between UniMAP's students and ADTEC's students.


Friendly volleyball match between UniMAP's students and ADTEC's students.


A token of appreciation from UniMAP to ADTEC’s staff.

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