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Programme Objectives (PEO) and Programme Outcomes (PO)

Programme Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1: To raise graduates who are competent in their respective engineering fields as exhibited through career development.

PEO 2: To raise graduates who involved and contribute to the society.

PEO 3: To raise graduates who pursue education opportunity continually.

PEO 4: To raise graduates who contribute through innovation and entrepreneurship.


Programme Outcome (PO)

PO 1:  Ability to use mathematical knowledge, engineering and engineering principles to clear engineering procedures and practices

PO 2:  Ability to analyze clear engineering problems in certain engineering fields

PO 3:  Ability to use various techniques, skills and engineering tools to clear engineering activities.

PO 4Ability to carry out investigations and assist in designing solutions for their respective engineering systems.

PO 5:  Recognition of the need, and the ability to engage in lifelong learning

PO 6Ability to communicate effectively not only with friends but also with the general public.

PO 7:  Ability to demonstrate awareness of concern for their community, health, safety, law and cultural issues and responsibilities that arise

PO 8:  Ability to function effectively as an individual and in the team

PO 9Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of engineering practices

PO 10: Ability to demonstrate management awareness, business practices and entrepreneurship

PO 11: Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of engineering practices taking into account the need for sustainable development