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Diploma in Computer Engineering

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) witnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) in almost all aspects of everyday life and is different from the first industry revolution focused on the use of steam-powered machines, second to electricity, and third to the use of information technology (IT). This IR4.0 involves various areas including automation, robotics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT), while taking advantage of the advancement in the field of communication. This will generate great demand for computer engineer technicians / assistants. To comply with this request, Diploma in Engineering (Computer Engineering) program is provided to produce skilled workforce at the professional level and have strong knowledge in Computer Engineering. Diploma in Engineering (Computer Engineering) is knowledge-based in the field of integrating electronic engineering with computer science to design and develop computer systems, software and operating system development. Knowledge and skills in areas such as embedded systems, computer networks and software integration with hardware are also provided. The graduates are also applied with the culture of knowledge to have a personality that is superior and able to be independent as an assistant engineer who is effective and knowledgeable in carrying out the task. At the end of the semester, students have the opportunity to go through 4 months of industrial training as a mental and intellectual preparation based on what has been learned in the program as well as to provide real experience of the work environment. Hence, the program can form a generation capable of applying the latest technology and as a trained workforce in the field of electronics and computers. This program is specially designed to meet industry needs such as Intel, Agilent Technologies, Sony, HP, Motorola, Sapura, Celcom, Telekom Malaysia (TM), Inari Technology, SIRIM and others. In addition to the many jobs offered to students after graduation, students will also have the opportunity to pursue their studies at the bachelor's degree level and subsequently to high degree in electronics and electrical engineering, computer engineering and telecommunications either at local universities or at universities overseas.

The list of courses offered in the Diploma in Engineering (Computer Engineering):

  • DKA104/2  Preliminary Mathematics
  • DKT111/3 Electric Circuits Principles
  • DKT113/3 Engineering Physics
  • DKT121/3 Fundamental of Computer Programming
  • DKT122/3 Digital System 1
  • DKT123/3 Electrical Technology
  • DKT124/3 Electronic Devices
  • DKT125/2 Object-Oriented Programming
  • DKT212/3 Digital System II
  • DKT214/3 Electronic Circuits
  • DKT215/3 Signals and Systems Principles
  • DKT217/3 Computer System
  • DKT221/3 Operating System Principle
  • DKT223/3 Database System
  • DKT224/3 Data Communication and Network
  • DKT225/3 Microcontroller
  • DKT226/3 Basic Communication Engineering
  • DKT311/3 Software Engineering
  • DKT313/3 Control System
  • DKT316/3 Electronics Instrumentation
  • DKT318/3 Industrial Safety, Quality Management and Ethics
  • DKT351/3 Semestral Project
  • DIT361/6 Industrial Training


Among the relevant career opportunities:

  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Computer Systems and Information Technology
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Embedded System Design
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Network(Design)
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Electronic
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Computer Network
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Computer Networking Services
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Interface
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Computer System Operations
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Logic Program
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Semiconductor
  • Technician / Assistant Engineer Telecommunication
  • Research Assistant


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