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Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering

Generally, the structure of the curriculum for engineering manufacturing is structured so that it can establish a balance between the fields of technical specialization and industrial management. Overall core courses offered expose students to important aspects in the manufacturing industry, especially the knowledge and skills in manufacturing technology. Manufacturing technologies focused on the selection of design, materials, manufacturing processes, machines, and production management so that the products can meet the needs of consumers and minimal costs.

For programs in Engineering Diploma, the number of credits required to complete the requirements for the Diploma in Engineering is a total of 98 units of credit, where credit is 83 unit includes core courses, while the remaining 15 credit unit is comprised courses University requirements. In addition, third-year students, first semester will implement projects related to the program of study followed and appropriate to the needs of the industry. In addition, students are also required to undergo industrial training at least for 16 weeks while in the second semester, in the third year of study. With the availability of laboratory facilities such as Engineering Drawing Room, Workshop Production Process, Factory teach, Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, Metrology Laboratory, Laboratory Automation, Laboratory CAD / CAM, Thermo-Fluids Laboratory where the equipment on par with the industry. This is to equip students with the knowledge and technical skills needed in the real working environment in industries that are selected when the student has met the requirements for graduation. Basically, PPK Manufacturing was founded with the goal of producing skilled manpower common not only in the field of technical specialization such as design, manufacturing technology and management even equipped with soft skills, entrepreneurship, language and information systems.


Career prospects

Graduate Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering has extensive job prospects, whether in government departments, private sector / industry, statutory bodies and research institutions. Among the sectors that offer employment opportunities are as follows:
• Metal Industry
• Electronic Packaging Industry
• Metal processing industry
• The automotive industry
• Industry and maintenance services
• Industrial engineering fabrication
• Department of quality control
• Department of engineering and product design
• Institutions or research and development departments
• Higher Education Institutions / Polytechnic / College Community


While the main careers that can be pursued are:
• Assistant Process Engineer
• Assistant Production Engineer
• Assistant Manufacturing Engineer Quality Control (QC)
• Assistant Engineer Quality Assurance (QA)
• Failure Analysis Engineer Assistant
• Assistant Engineer Product Development
• Assistant Engineer Process Development
• Materials Development Engineer Assistant
• Assistant metallurgist
• Research Assistant
• Technical Assistant
• Running your own business

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