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Diploma in Microelectronics Engineering

The programme curriculum which has been designed is aimed to render the needs of knowledgeable highly skilled engineers in parallel with Malaysian National Industrial Master Plan aspiration. The programme focuses on industrial exposure, through direct involvement with the industrial sector. This three years programme emphasizes on integrated circuit (IC) design and IC fabrication, which include semiconductor technology, microfabrication process technology, microelectronic reliability and failure analysis. In addition, the programme also covers semiconductor physics, Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) as well as IC packaging.

Career prospects

Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Microelectronic Engineering) have extensive job prospects, whether in private companies, industries, government departments and statutory bodies. Careers for graduates can consist of microelectronics sector in particular and in general electronics including:

• Manufacturing Industry (Process, Maintenance and Technical Support Group)

• Engineering

• Quality Assurance or Quality Control

• The reliability

• Failure Analysis

• Characterization and Testing Devices


Between related careers for Microelectronic Engineering Diploma graduates:

• Technician

• Assistant Engineer

• Assistant Officer Vocational Training


Click on the image below to see the details of the academic program offered.