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Diploma in Computer Engineering

The Diploma in Computer Engineering program at UniMAP places emphasis on theoretical and practical skills in hardware and software engineering. Towards achieving this goal, students will go through several courses covering the realms of digital systems, electrical and electronics, micro-controller based embedded systems, computer architecture, data communication and networking, software engineering and database systems. Courses involving embedded systems, electronic instrumentation and PLC programming will equip the students with the required knowledge and practical skills to integrate and maintain complete systems consisting of front-end sensors to display devices and actuators. All other courses are designed to further enhance the students’ understanding and trouble-shooting capabilities. The program gives an advantage to the students as UniMAP implements the laboratory–assist approach in its delivery for all the subjects being taught. The laboratory activities are conducted in state of the art and well-equipped facilities, among which are Computer Programming Laboratory, Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory, Microprocessor and Embedded Systems Laboratory, Computer Networking Laboratory and PLC Laboratory.

Students are guided through surplus laboratory activities which are designed to equip the students with necessary computer engineering skills and knowledge. This will prepare them for leading industrial roles as a quality technician or assistant engineer. Intensive practical work is built into the curriculum so as to enhance students’ competency in engineering skills as well as the understanding of theoretical concepts and developing necessary engineering skills. In addition, final year students are required to work on a mini project in a chosen area of interest in the Computer Engineering domain. Finally, will be involved in an industrial training at the end of the fifth semester for industrial exposure and possibly be absorbed as an employees at the end of the training.


Career prospects
Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Computer Engineering) have broad prospects for employment either in private companies, industries, government departments and statutory bodies. Careers for graduates can consist of computer sector in particular and in general electronics including:

• Computer and Information Technology

• Review

• Microelectronics and Equipment

• Manufacturing and Industrial


Between related careers for graduates of Diploma in Computer Engineering:

• Technicians

• Assistant Engineers

• Assistant Officers Vocational Training


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